AirDesk Solutions

"The phoenixNAP team has continued to extend and improve our service ahead of us. In turn this has let us offer highly efficient solutions to our customers without the significant burden of having to build out IT infrastructure ourselves. This has strongly contributed to our company realizing double- to triple-digit growth in the time we have been using phoenixNAP." - Forrest Blair,
President AirDesk Solutions

phoenixNAP Customer Experience

Make-A-Wish wanted its technology staff free to focus on new initiatives to support chapters and wish granting efforts, not on the IT infrastructure it was using.

"Our technology environment is now extremely stable, and we\’ve experienced no service outages or problems since moving to phoenixNAP. That translates into improved up-time for our chapters, allowing them to dedicate more time to fundraising and granting wishes."
- Paul Mehlhorn, Chief Financial Officer,

Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America

The University of California, Berkeley Department of Statistics needed a technology solution that could keep pace with the growing and changing demands of its students and faculty. It found that at phoenixNAP.

"From phoenixNAP’s cloud solution to its customer support right on down to its billing department; we’ve received the best experience as we provide a better learning environment for both professors and students."
- Ryan Lovett, Systems Manager
UC Berkeley Department of Statistics

UC Berkeley Deptartment of Statistics

Crowdsourcing deals and coupons via social commerce can have significant IT demands. Slickdeals is able to rely on phoenixNAP infrastructure.

"PhoenixNAP provides us reliable, price competitive services for our critical infrastructure. My experience at phoenixNAP has been great!"
- Bryant Quan, CEO


Blue Box Systems required a state-of-the-art facility with carrier choices and helpful supporting staff. It received all three and then some.

"PhoenixNAP is the best facility we've been in. All infrastructure is technically sound and state of the art. The carrier selection is fantastic. And the staff, from sales to security to NOC are accommodating and helpful. I can't recommend phoenixNAP enough."
- Kevin Bowling, Founder

Blue Box Systems

High bandwidth operations that stream audio and podcasts require solid supporting infrastructure. PhoenixNAP delivers for StreamOn.

"The Phoenix N AP datacenter has been a great support for our high bandwidth operation. Their service and support team are knowledgeable, respond in a timely manner and seek to understand our needs."
- Andrew Snook, Chief Technology Officer


Now a leading force in the Gaming Server Provider (GSP) arena, ServerMiner is a host that runs a specialized service. Using phoenixNAP as a backbone for its business, it delivers powerful hosting solution carefully tailored to its gamer audience needs.

"Starting hosting, it was not easy to set aside a part of our revenue to get a dedicated server, but it’s all truly worth it, because service is very consistent and the uptime guarantee keeps the clients and helps the initial growth!"
- James Dixon,
owner and founder


HomeSmart International (HSI) has a smart franchise solution which offers support for its network and provides real estate market information in real time. Choosing an IT services provider was easy, with phoenixNAP giving them full control of their cloud at the fraction of the cost.

"The control and the flexibility that phoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center provides, has allowed us to deploy solutions much faster and change quicker which is extremely important in our industry."
- John Kloian III,
chief technology officer

HomeSmart International

Maintaining the largest group of online metropolitan newspapers in the U.S. is not without significant IT requirements. Voice Media Group knows it can rely on phoenixNAP.

"Service Levels have been excellent with quick responses to our inquiries and support requests. The infrastructure has been very reliable and overall we are very satisfied with the experience and service that phoenixNAP delivers."
- David Marcon, IT Infrastructure Director

Voice Media Group

As a highly scalable and secure multi-tenant infrastructure, VPDC is ideal for organizations like ECA to efficiently migrate their resources to the cloud, improve their IT capacity, and achieve availability without blowing their IT budgets.

"The critical thing with us is the partnership. Do you have that dedication from your partners that they can help you the whole way along from just the pre-engineering conversations to phoenixNAP coming on site and actually assessing our current production state and effort to help size disaster recovery."
- Andy Quinn, Director of IT Infrastructure Operations, ECA.

Education Corporation of America (ECA)

FossHub turned to phoenixNAP for support in building an infrastructure that can deliver a high level of performance and stability.

"Ensuring the stability of our infrastru-cture has always been our top priority. Choosing phoenixNAP as a dedicated servers provider was the best decision we made on our path to reach 500 million downloads and we never regretted it. FossHub is accessible anytime and anywhere while downloads are being delivered smoothly."
- Sam, Founder, FossHub.


Leading identity and privacy protection services provider InfoArmor is in the business of security. Finding a hosting environment which shared its mindset was a high priority and business enabler.

"Having the ability to showcase phoenixNAP to our customers really helps with the due diligence we undergo with them to illustrate the strength and importance of our security. The measures and systems phoenixNAP provides are a business enabler for us."
- Christian Lees, CTO, CSO,


Quick-provisioning to a demanding niche market can have high support demands on the hosting provider. SneakerServer rests assured phoenixNAP delivers both quality product and amazing support, in minutes.

"Working with phoenixNAP has been an amazing journey! We have learned and grown together, and made an excellent product to offer to our customers, and a great support-net for them too. We’ve built an entire business from just an idea, based on great communication, stable technology environment and quick-to-market solution. But without dedication on their end, I can freely say that I wouldn’t made it so far, if it hasn’t been for phoenixNAP and its support and guidance."
- Anthony B.,
owner and founder

Sneakers Server

Being able to grow flexibly as required is a big reason LotsMoreHosting is benefiting from the environment it has at phoenixNAP.

"PhoenixNAP is a great fit for us. Their data center is not only top-notch and clean but the security procedures implemented ensure your equipment is safe also. I have a colocation with them and being able to also lease servers on a monthly basis allows us to have minimal equipment of our own unused, just lease a server for quick uptime, order a new server for our colocation, then add the server at our convenience. Best of both worlds at great prices!"
- Chris K. Houg, Owner


Gaming can be taxing on servers, as MCProHosting knows. With network uptime and sever performance speed at the top of everyone's wish list, the unmanaged Minecraft hosting provider needed a stable solution that also had room for expansion.

"The level of support and service that phoenixNAP provides is unparalleled in the industry and has helped us to expand our service in ways we thought would never be possible previously. Through constant diversification phoenixNAP has grown with us and I'm highly confident that we have made the right decision in entrusting our systems with them. We're excited as we look forward to the future and we know phoenixNAP will be right alongside us the whole way."
- Matthew Salsamendi,
CTO & Co-Founder MCProHosting LLC


NutPile effectively makes the Internet transparent. Outages and other issues preventing access to online services become impossible to hide, no matter the ISP or NSP.

"I see phoenixNAP as being a key player for us in the future in terms of being able to plan and scale in a flexible manner that will allow us to grow as needed"
- Mike Paradis,
Project Manager, Network Engineer

NutPile Networks

By leveraging its solid colocation environment at phoenixNAP, Brightcove is able to deliver video content to audiences worldwide across every connected device.

"The facility is beyond state-of-the art and the service we've received from the NOC staff and onsite security has been exceptional! I would definitely recommend phoenixNAP to other businesses for their colocation needs."
- Matt Bailey, Manager IT


Electric Mirror is the global leader in mirror technology and the leading manufacturer of lighted mirrors and mirror TVs. With more than 40 U.S. patents, Electric Mirror serves the hospitality, commercial and residential markets in over 90 countries.

"Our IT team is small — four people — so we’re always looking for ways to simplify and expedite data center processes.We trust Veeam and phoenixNAP to help us maintain 24.7 Availability in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible."
- Brian Patow, IT Manager for Electric Mirror.

Electric Mirror

Main Advantage Technology Services was looking for diverse solutions it could tailor to specific needs. The products and services at PhoenixNAP fit the bill.

"PhoenixNAP continually impresses us by being outstanding in every regard. The network is rock-solid, and the facilities are secure, clean and attractive. Their product offerings are diverse, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable – ideal for tailoring solutions to every situation we've encountered. Everyone we've dealt with at phoenixNAP – from sales staff to NOC support to engineers – has been thoroughly professional, pleasant, and responsive. They've proven to be an ideal partner in growth for Main Advantage. "
- Scott Barclay, President

Main Advantage Technology Services

Phoenix PC Networking wanted to keep its costs low and simple. The combined per month Internet and power pricing structure of phoenixNAP helped it do just that.

"The most compelling reason to use phoenixNAP is the high value of the combined redundant Internet with power included in price per month, as most data centers only offer power with cabinet and the internet options are at your own expense. Therefore is very expensive to consider a data center for small business because you have to consider acquiring more than one internet provider which drives the cost up too high."
- James T. Snodgrass, Owner

Phoenix PC Networking

Office automation services provider AirDesk Solutions® needed IT infrastructure it could rely upon to keep pace with customer demands. The VMware vCloud® Hybrid Cloud Powered environment of phoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center is helping the company deliver efficient solutions.

"The phoenixNAP team has continued to extend and improve our service ahead of us. In turn this has let us offer highly efficient solutions to our customers without the significant burden of having to build out IT infrastructure ourselves. This has strongly contributed to our company realizing double- to triple-digit growth in the time we have been using phoenixNAP."
- Forrest Blair,
President AirDesk Solutions

AirDesk Solutions

Finding the right cloud solution for its customers to use was high priority for Mission accomplished thanks to phoenixNAP.

"PhoenixNAP is an excellent partner for WebPal. We have tested its cloud product inside-out and identified it as a top-choice for WebPal customers to host their sensitive data. The phoenixNAP infrastructure takes away concerns about data privacy, risk management, and accountability. Last not least, the phoenixNAP team has been consistent in providing top-level service - we rest assured that WebPal clients will be in safe havens with our WebPal Secured Cloud offering. "
- Markus Latzel, CEO

Infusionsoft knows how to help small businesses market themselves and drive sales. And to successfully offer its marketing software services, the company also knows it needs a colocation facility that can grow with it.

"PhoenixNAP was really the right choice for location, security, amenities and all around nice people to work with. It's really centrally located and that was a big plus for us. The whole phoenixNAP crew is top notch and they really catered to meeting our current needs and also allow us the ability to expand in the future."
- Marc Chesley,
VP of Development and Technology


Having a facility it can show customers is important to NIC, Inc. The redundant systems, security measures, and location of phoenixNAP are just the right combination.

"PhoenixNAP's state-of-the-art data center, redundant systems, high-level security systems and prime location were the perfect level of amenities we were looking to provide our customers with and we are thrilled to be able to utilize the facility's colocation services."
- Mike Leonidas, President

NIC, Inc.

Excellent services and top-tier support made
Mid Continent Technologies’ data center decision an easy one.

"The support I have received from phoenixNAP has been nothing short of exemplary. For the price we pay them, I would expect entry level technicians with high problem resolution time. What I received surprised me again. Full NOC support like I would expect from a top tier datacenter was included for our tiny company! Guarantees on network uptime, an unbelievable SLA on hardware and 24 hour support. I have been thrilled with the service and value I have received from phoenixNAP. I would recommend this datacenter to anyone."
- Matt Birnie

Mid Continent Technologies

A home base for delivering vulnerability assessment services around the globe was what Orvant Inc. was seeking. Its search came to a close with PhoenixNAP.

"PhoenixNAP provides Orvant Inc. with a home base to distribute our vulnerability assessment service to various networks around the globe. We have been very pleased with the facility, bandwidth, and reliability they provide to run our Software-as-a-Service. Working with their staff has been nothing short of exemplary and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for colocation services! "
- Mike Palmer, Co-founder

Orvant Inc.

Network connectivity options, security systems, and pricing costs were important factors in EpicUp’s expansion plans. And PhoenixNAP delivered.

"PhoenixNAP is a top-of-the-line data center. When looking to expand, we examined and did personal tours with several of the data centers in the Valley. We were wasting our time though because phoenixNAP was by far the best we found. They had the most carriers, which allowed for the cheapest, fastest and highest quality bandwidth, as well as extremely competitive pricing on cabinets."
- Dennett Ingram, Owner


The company that pioneered the idea of private browsing via the cloud, Authentic8, has provided businesses with a simple solution to securely access web-based applications.

"We’ve been on this platform for over a year and a half now and as our user base has continued to grow and expand, phoenixNAP and Intel have been able to be there for us the entire way."
- Les Dunston, Head of Operations at Authentic8, Inc.


Ligris is a law firm with an instinctive concierge mentality focused on providing legal advice with great attention to detail. It provides legal advice in the following areas: Title & Settlement Services, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Law, Business Law, Trust & Estates, and Tax Services.

"With additional employees and users, we constantly looking to buy additional servers, add more bandwidth, upgrade old machines, etc. This was not only inefficient and time consuming, but it started becoming cost prohibitive. We needed a better model for our network to be able to quickly scale and keep up with not only the additional users to the organization but also the evolving technology."
- Christos Viores, Esquire, Chief Operating Officer, Ligris.


Creating and managing personalized display advertising campaigns across much of Europe takes some significant IT support. RTB House knows where to get the stability and reliability it needs to keep pace with rapid growth.

"Our technological infrastructure was built by phoenixNAP strictly in line with our needs and according to our exact guidelines (servers, switches, cabling). In addition to that, we currently have full control over hardware (switch configuration, IPMI, etc.), which makes further improvements easier to Implement."
- Bartek Romański, Chief Technology Officer,
RTB House

RTB House

When network performance and stability were key requirements, AYK Solutions knew just where to look for its solutions.

"Everything from sales to billing to technical aspects of their operation is top notch. The network is absolutely rock solid, and I believe there are many more great things in the future - we cannot wait to expand with them further. In fact, we are looking forward to testing and going live with some Secured Cloud solutions in the near future."
- Artyom Khmelnitsky, President

AYK Solutions

Since hosting at phoenixNAP, QuickWeb Hosting Solutions has been able to easily grow its services several times over to meet demands.

"The aggressive pricing and generous bandwidth offering caught our attention, and based on first-hand experience I can say their support team is very professional, technically capable, and always there to help. We have grown several folds from having our first server with them to operating a fleet of servers. And recently, we decided to add some colocation in the PhoenixNAP data center as well. This makes expanding quite easy and allows us to focus on our core business."
- Roel Gerona, CEO

QuickWeb Hosting Solutions