InfraSentry Threat Intelligence Services

A Holistic Threat Management Solution with Global Capabilities
Minimize the risk of cyber incidents by proactively monitoring indicators of compromise in your network activity. phoenixNAP’s InfraSentry Security Services offer you a holistic Threat Management solution based on the Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) model.

Cybercrime is evolving and so should your security strategy.

Solution Overview

How InfraSentry Helps you Secure your Infrastructure

At phoenixNAP, security is in our DNA. We created our InfraSentry Security Services to offer you a holistic Threat Management solution based on the Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) model. Enhanced to the highest industry standards to meet and exceed the needs of a Manage, Detect, and Respond (MDR) service offering, InfraSentry is designed to provide you with the intelligence and resources necessary to defend against the most aggressive cyber-attacks.

Real-Time IoC indicators

Real-Time IoC indicators

Leveraging real-time intelligence from the multiple cybersecurity teams, InfraSentry provides comprehensive IoC indicators.

Human Triage

Human Triage

Our security experts validate and triage each ticket immediately before forwarding onto response teams.

Best-of-breed Solutions

Best-of-Breed Solutions

Gain access to the world’s leading solutions and resources at an OpEx-friendly cost model.


InfraSentry is designed and created by phoenixNAP, and as a global IT infrastructure provider, we partnered with the best security groups in the world like the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA). We are in a unique position to design a holistic approach to security and provide multiple layers of data protection. In addition to protecting your infrastructure, you also gain access to a global communication fabric, as well as comprehensive network and application threat monitoring systems to improve your network visibility. InfraSentry is designed to integrate into your existing system and provide you with real-time situational awareness to help you defend more effectively.

InfraSentry Defend Against Cyber-attacks
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