Case Study

A provider of office automation and cloud services, AirDesk Solutions® delivers hosted client-server software for its customers, providing the power of access to information or applications from any office or mobile device, anywhere and anytime. By migrating its customers’ in-house servers to the cloud, AirDesk Solutions enables business of all sizes, from solo firms to enterprises, to optimize their operations and realize productivity gains and cost savings.


As a business focused on helping companies outsource their hosted IT services, AirDesk Solutions needed to find a provider it could rely upon to supply the underlying cloud-based infrastructure leveraged in its offerings. With a goal to provide turnkey enterprise-class solutions at a fair price to its own customers, the performance, cost, and scaling options were key factors to consider.

Moreover, since AirDesk Solutions’ own customers seek ways to realize IT operational efficiencies themselves, the supporting infrastructure had to be able to accommodate requirements of different business types.

For example, one AirDesk Solutions’ customer had specific needs it was looking to address. Similarly, a start-up company would not necessitate the same levels of IT support as an established enterprise organization.


The VMware vCloud® Hybrid Cloud Powered environment of phoenixNAP’s Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) provides AirDesk Solutions with the scalable and efficient infrastructure to succeed. The price and performance of VPDC, along with Veeam®-powered availability services, have enabled the company to keep pace with customer demands, continue
growing, and efficiently add infrastructure as needed.

Additionally, it provides a foundation that AirDesk Solutions’ customers are able to capitalize on when migrating to the company’s cloud office automation services. In the case of one such customer, all of its enterprise systems are housed by AirDesk, using phoenixNAP infrastructure.


AirDesk Solutions has experienced double- to triple-digit growth in the time it has been using phoenixNAP. With the inherent flexibility VPDC provides, the company has been able to rapidly extend its IT environment and offer office automation services to a growing customer base.

And that customer base has also been achieving success when migrating to AirDesk. As evidenced by this company’s savings, acquisitions, and remote site additions which followed its transition to the cloud.

Together, AirDesk Solutions and phoenixNAP are assisting businesses of all types realize operational efficiencies.

“The relationship with phoenixNAP is really a close working partnership focused on success for both parties. The team has felt like a direct extension of our business.”

-Forrest Blair, President, AirDesk Solutions