Case Study

RTB House specializes in precisely targeted display advertising, with solutions to profile, target, and reach the most valuable e-shoppers. Its technology allows any online store, brand, or manufacturer to run customized campaigns that deliver personalized messages to the customers – all in real-time. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, RTB House operates in 33
markets and is currently running nearly 650 advertising campaigns.


As a customer that was renting dozens of dedicated servers from a European hosting company, RTB House knew it needed a solution that could provide it with more control over its infrastructure.

Moreover, the proprietary real-time bidding (RTB) platform and alogrithms it had developed and implemented for buying online ads required an expansion of its supporting technology.

The initial base of servers was proving to be insufficient for the rapid rate of growth the company was experiencing, and the absence of direct control over its IT hardware was becoming detrimental to RTB House’s continued success.


The highly predictable and efficient hosting environment within the phoenixNAP® Amsterdam data center location is enabling RTB House to meet its growing customer demands.

Built according to RTB House’s needs and guidelines, the colocation and Hardware as a Service solutions being leveraged also provide the company with full control over its supporting infrastructure. Upgrading hardware can be done at anytime, as demand warrants.

Additionally, the stable and reliable IT enviornment at phoenixNAP is helping fuel the dynamic growth and expansion of RTB House’s business across Europe and other geographic markets.

“PhoenixNAP is a company
known for solutions dedicated to technologically advanced enterprises, which is how we think of ourselves. Phoenix NAP’s deep understanding of our needs as well as flexibility helped us build a reliable technology infrastructure necessary for our further development.”

-Bartek Romański, Chief Technology Officer, RTB House